Until 2018 the company was mainly engaged in the construction of public infrastructure projects under the company name – KRAF GROUP. As a result of its many years of experience as a general contractor, SKY HOME has the material base, its own machinery and a team of distinguished professionals in management, organization and execution of large construction sites.

In 2019, the company successfully transitioned from construction of infrastructure projects to construction of investment projects. SKY HOME has been actively investing in the acquisition and preparation of land suitable for the construction of villa complexes in the beautiful mountains around Sofia, as well as suitable land in the city for modern, high-rise residential buildings.
Throughout the last 3 years, the company gained valuable experience in design, construction, finishing works, and furnishing of luxury homes.

In order to be able to create unique residential projects with unique architectural style, functionality and interior design, we have created an international team of brilliant architects and designers. Our design department works together with an Italian design studio. Supervisors from Italy control the entire process of construction, finishing, and furnishing of each of the company’s sites.

In parallel with its operational activities of luxury home building, SKY HOME is in the process of developing a number of other large-scale investment projects and is actively engaged in activities related to land consolidation, administrative procedures, project design and preparation for construction.

Sky Home is registered with the Central Professional Builder’s Register and has certifications for the execution of construction projects for:

FIRST GROUP (high-rise construction)

Construction from 1st to 5th category

SECOND GROUP (transport infrastructure)

Construction from 1st to 5th category

THIRD GROUP (energy infrastructure)

Construction from 1st to 5th category

FOURTH GROUP (public utilities infrastructure)

Construction from 1st to 5th category

The management of the company has successfully implemented and certified:

  • System for quality management – EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Health and safety systems – EN ISO 45001:2018
  • System for management of the environment – ЕN ISO 14001:2015

The company maintains an excellent corporate and financial image.

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